Bobby's Story

Wed, 03/20/2019 - 4:12pm -- awaish

To Our House (TOH) housed Bobby after he had separated from his family and was struggling with alcohol addiction. Bobby knew he had to address his addiction issues for himself and his family. Bobby attended AA meetings while participating in TOH and began attending Sunday services at one of the TOH support churches. In time, Bobby moved into permanent housing. Bobby continues to be a member of the church that assisted him as a TOH guest. 

To Our House addresses the problem of homelessness and the safety concerns associated with being homeless during the winter. The program provides emergency shelter to single homeless men and women during the coldest months. TOH informs all police departments, human service agencies, libraries, and other entities having contact with single homeless men and women of the service. Clients benefit by receiving shelter, food, and compassionate support during the coldest winter months, November through March. Relationships developed between staff, volunteers, and fellow guests often provide encouragement and can lead to opportunities for employment and/or housing. With the immediate need of shelter being addressed, guests can focus on services and connections needed to obtain income and secure permanent housing. 

Volunteers are the heart, soul, and hands of To Our House. While the program model relies on its volunteers and in-kind community sites, TOH is also providing the community with a great opportunity to serve. Volunteers transport, inventory, and set up cots; support staff at the intake site; plan, cook and serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner; launder linens; provide conversation and support to the men during the evening hours; provide well-check health visits; give haircuts; and sleep overnight at the shelter each night. Churches loan TOH vans to transport guests and the host churches provide volunteers to drive the men to and from the intake site. Many who support TOH and its service to homeless men and women state they get as much out of the experience as the guests themselves.

Donations like yours help To Our House and other United Way Partner agencies do meaningful, life-changing work around the New River Valley. Without To Our House, Jody may still be on the streets. When you give to United Way, you help me like Jody get back on their feet.

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