Client Story

Tue, 04/23/2019 - 4:35pm -- lrogers

In 2017 we were contacted by a woman living in Christiansburg who was needing transportation to the Pulaski Cancer Center daily, Monday through Friday for eight weeks. Her eligibility was based on her economic status, her inability to work due to her health and waiting to be approved for Medicaid. She had no vehicle of her own and no other options for transportation. She had tried to utilize public transit but due to the limited time frame of the different transit providers and the risk to her health in using public transportation this was not an option. The lady had tried to share a vehicle with her husband.

However, the husband would get angry with her and deny her the use of the vehicle to go to her cancer treatments.

After missing many life saving cancer treatments the exhausted lady reached out for help and Med-Ride was contacted. Working with the dedicated Med-Ride volunteer base we were able to coordinate a rotating schedule of volunteers for the duration of this lady's treatments. Med-Ride volunteers understand the need of the clients we serve and have been flexible to assist with transports on early mornings, late evenings and on holiday schedules. The dedication of our volunteers make this program a reliable and safe alternative for those who are vulnerable and need transportation to their medical appointments.

During this past program year we have noticed the clients we serve are needing more transportation for treatments that last six to eight weeks, some requiring daily repeat trips (cancer, dental, mental health and physical therapy) instead of routine wellness appointments. Many are Montgomery County residents needing transport to the Lewis Gale Pulaski Cancer Care Center.

The Med-Ride Program utilizes available volunteers to transport clients in the New River Valley. This service is available to any adult who has no transportation or cannot afford public transportation. There is no age limit and the program operates in the counties of Pulaski, Giles, Montgomery, Floyd, and the City of Radford.

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