Emma's Story

Wed, 03/20/2019 - 4:57pm -- lrogers

Emma called NRV CARES to enroll in Parenting Young Children however was worried about sharing her story with a group of people. Staff further explained that any and all participants are welcome and no background information is required. Emma arrived the first night emotionally guarded, scared, and quiet. The next week, she seemed more relaxed, but guarded. Slowly, she opened up. During the fourth class, she shared her story. Emma grew up in an abusive home. She didn’t finish high school on time, having her first child when she was sixteen. Like many abused children, she had no role model and no self-esteem in her quest to learn how to parent.

Emma stated about the course: “They taught me a lot, explained things, were nice, and gave me ideas. They didn't tell me how I should feel or react. I didn’t think I would enjoy the classes because I have taken parenting classes before and was told what a failure I was. This was the first class that really helped me; they didn't tell me I was a screw-up. I used to yell at my daughter all the time. Now, I stop and try to figure out what is wrong. I also know what she understands at her age. I still use the book and look at the workbook. It is a lot better. I have a much calmer house.”

NRV CARES is one of the United Way’s partner agencies with the mission of protecting children and strengthening families. Donations on GiveBig day to the United Way of the New River Valley help to support our partner agencies to meaningful, life-changing work.

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