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The 2019 application must be COMPLETED ONLINE and all attachments uploaded online. Please note that you can save your work on the application as "Draft", and return to it later. If you experience or anticipate any technical problems, email kymn@unitedwaynrv.org

Applications Due April 5. Contact Kymn Davidson-Hamley at 540-381-2066 or kymn@unitedwaynrv.org if further warranted extension required. Thank you. (From 3/12 to 4/1 contact Marcela Jara for assistance at marcela@unitedwaynrv.org or 381.2066. I - Kymn - will be out on medical leave.)                                                                                                                                 

It is required to LOGIN to use this form. If you do not already have an account, please register here.  ONLY for the use of EXISTING APPROVED/ADMITTED Partner Agencies & Programs* *(if a program has not been approved for "admission/funding" prior to this year, do NOT include it in this year's request)

Downloadable Forms:

Application Chart 2019 (contains 2019 Impact Study Agencies/Programs):  /sites/unitedwaynrv.org/files/Application%20Chart.2019_2.pdf    

2019 Cover Memorandum (contains 2019 Impact Study Agencies/Programs): /sites/unitedwaynrv.org/files/Cover%Memorandum%2019.doc  

2019-2020 Patriot Act: /sites/unitedwaynrv.org/files/Patriot%20Act%20Memo%202019%20Partner%20Agencies.pdf

2019-2020 Memorandum of Understanding: /sites/unitedwaynrv.org/files/MEMORANDUM%20OF%20UNDERSTANDING_2019_0.pdf

2019-2020 Comm. Inv. Applic. Part I:/sites/unitedwaynrv.org/files/Part%20I%20-%202019%20Funding%20Application.doc

2019-2020 Comm. Inv. Applic. Part II: /sites/unitedwaynrv.org/files/Part%20II%202019%20Funding%20Application.xls

2019 Impact Study: /sites/unitedwaynrv.org/files/Impact%20Study%20Form%202019.doc

Below are UWNRV Partner Agency/Program policies you may be interested in viewing/downloading. PLEASE NOTE: Our Policy regarding financial statements was changed significantly last year due to changes nationally and in Virginia. Our policy was aligned to reduce the high costs of audits and reviews on agencies/programs. Also below are other UWNRV Partner Agency/Program policies you may be interested in viewing/downloading. 

Partner Agency Financial Statement Policy-NEW:/sites/unitedwaynrv.org/files/PartnerAgency.Audit.Policy.Draft%20Revision%202018_0.doc

Partner Agency/Program Fund Raising Policies:/sites/unitedwaynrv.org/files/POLICY_%20Partner%20Agency%20Fund%20Raising%20Policies_Current_0.doc

Partner Agency/Program Fund Raising Form:/sites/unitedwaynrv.org/files/PA%20Fundraiser%20Request%20Form_0.doc

Partner Agency/Program Co-Marketing Guidelines:/sites/unitedwaynrv.org/files/Co-Marketing%20Policies_0.doc


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