Top 7 Reasons to Invest in Your Local Community

Sun, 05/10/2015 - 5:19pm -- Anonymous

7. Your gift stays in this community

Gifts to our United Way are invested in four impact areas among LOCAL health & human service agencies & programs. Your donation stays in this community unless you specifically designate it to go elsewhere.

6. Your United Way is an independent, local organization
United Way of Montgomery, Radford & Floyd (UWMRF), your United Way, is a local, independently incorporated non- profit organization governed by people from our community who volunteer to serve on the Board of Directors and Community Investment, Communications, Campaign and other teams.

5. It’s easy to give to your local United Way
United Way is the only local charity to whom you can donate through payroll deduction. Giving $1 per week that can help your whole community is easier than writing a check for $52 at one time.

4. Your local United Way is more than a fundraiser
UWMRF provides community support in multiple ways. UWMRF coordinates Gifts-in-Kind donations from national companies such as Target; Bed, Bath & Beyond; and Dell. UWMRF coordinates Federal Emergency Food & Shelter funds. UWRMF operates an online local volunteer and product donation matching system - Volunteer Solutions (with grant funding from the Town of Blacksburg). In the aftermath of the tragedy at Virginia Tech on April 16, 2007, UWMRF developed the United in Caring Fund - the only fund established to provide support for community-wide recovery efforts as well as aid to victims & families. UWMRF then partnered with Virginia Tech in the VT Engage initiative, and continues to work closely with the university on volunteer efforts. UWMRF is involved in numerous human service community-wide efforts such as a free prescription medication discount card program and the annual National Association of Letter Carriers Food Drive for the New River Valley. And UWMRF serves as a local source of information for local people who need help or who want to help.

3. Your local United Way is efficient and innovative
So your gift has the greatest impact, we continuously explore alternatives and seek new ways to solve problems in the New River Valley. UWMRF puts your money where you intend it to go by keeping our overhead (management & fundraising expenses) low at 15.4%. The national acceptable standard for charity overhead is 35%.

2. Our Community needs your help
The natural beauty & prosperity of the NRV often masks real needs in our community. 19% of residents in the NRV live at or below the poverty line ($21,200 a year for a family of four). Approximately 20% of Southwest Virginia residents are without health insurance. Last year, more than 3,400 local women and children sought support from domestic and/or sexual violence. And an estimated 13,000 people in our area are unable to read at a fourth-grade level - they can’t read a prescription bottle or a road map.

1. Your local United Way gets results
UWMRF strives to build our local community by helping provide solutions to our community’s problems. UWMRF helps provide access to physical and mental health care, supports families in crisis and emergency situations, assists seniors and persons with disabilities and prepares children for successful and brighter futures.

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